While enjoying the beauty of the 1700 year old city beneath Marjan and its cobbled streets , you can set aside some time to visit the small pirate town of Omis , 25 km away from Split . It is a town located on the mixing of three most beautiful parts of Mother Nature; rivers, mountains and sea . And while mountains keeps its back, sea beauty enchants all who visit it, the river with his mystery attracts all those who are searching for adventure and wants to discover the secrets of this beautiful and unspoilt nature .

Cetina River in addition to its beauty and offers real adventure for both adults and children. One of these adventures is rafting.

In the four -hour drive through the river Cetina you have the opportunity to meet her gentle side and the one a little less gentle. In the river is allowed to swim, jump off the cliffs and enter the cave with a water temperature of 4 degrees. The rapids, which in some parts of the river make the adrenaline injection, are a special challenge for any skipper who wants to show their skills and provide its passengers an unforgettable experience that they will never forget .

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